Improved view of student results

We've had lots of feedback telling us that student results needed an easy way to filter out rogue entries and duplicates. So in response we've made two changes.

At the top of the each result page you'll now see a filter. This lets you choose from All, Best and First. This allows you to filter down multiple results from each student. You can see all of them if you want, but you now have the choice to just see the first submission they made or the best scoring one.

The second change allows you to remove any rogue results. So whether its because a student has typed in an offensive name or just made a mistake you can now hide it. There's small trash can icon down in the list of results, click this and it enables you to toggle any of the results.

Both test methods of hiding results will also affect the way statistics are calculated. So if you delete a result, it wont be part of the average and other values in the summary section.

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