Multiplayer to be discontinued

We are sorry to announce we'll be discontinuing multiplayer on 11th April 2021.

It's a feature that's fairly hidden away in the product and has very low usage. We've been studying how people get on with it and come to the conclusion that it causes mostly dissatisfaction for our users. The feature isn't nearly as good as we'd like it to be and would take an enormous investment to get it up to standard with the rest of the site.

As a small company, we can't do everything and we want to focus on making the best parts of the product even better. There's a long list of features and new template ideas our customers are asking us for and we can't do this whilst also continuing to support multiplayer.

Multiplayer was arguably the best feature in our legacy Windows PC version. But on moving to the web, we've picked up a different set of customers who are much more interested in other aspects.

So, with a heavy heart, it's goodbye to multiplayer.

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