Christmas theme available during the holiday season!

Did you know that in Wordwall, we have more than 20 000 activities that mention Christmas? Now you can add to the holiday spirit in your classroom by applying our new Christmas theme to your own activities.

Just choose it from the theme menu, and bring some cheer to language learning, science, mathematics, reading or any other lesson!


You will find the Christmas theme available in most of your favourite templates such as Quiz, Match-up, Random wheel and many more!

Here is the full list of all templates with the Christmas theme available:
  • Quiz
  • Match-up
  • Random wheel
  • Open the box
  • Wordsearch
  • Airplane
  • Group sort
  • Matching pairs
  • Find the match
  • Random ards
  • Anagram
  • Missing word
  • Unjumble
  • True or false
  • Labelled iagram
  • Flip tiles
  • Flash cards
  • Crossword
  • Categorize
  • Rank rder
  • Unscramble
  • Conveyor belt
  • Word magnets
  • Higher or lower


One of the charms of the holiday season is that we enjoy it only during that special time of the year. The food, the music, the decorations - none of them would be quite as enjoyable if they stayed around all year long. The same will apply to our Christmas theme - while you may enjoy it now during the holiday season, it will remain available until mid January, and be taken down with all other Christmas decorations, only to wait for another season to become available once more.
However, if you create Christmas related activities, with the Christmas theme being set as the default theme, those special activities will retain their Christmas look all year long.

Hoping you enjoy the holiday season as much as we do, the Wordwall team wishes you all the best!

Ho, ho, ho! 🎅

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