Create better lessons quicker

Our Mission

Wordwall is a great tool for making interactive classroom activities.

But we're not happy with that. We want it to become the best imaginable tool. With a truly comprehensive set of well-crafted games and templates. And a huge bank of millions of activities that teachers have shared.

We know we are only part way there. And it will take a lot of developer hours to make the vision become a reality. So we need your help to get there quicker.

Five ways you can help

1 - Email us some feedback

We love feedback; so don't hesitate to tell us what's on your mind. So if something is annoying you about the site, then vent that frustration by emailing us at

2 - Share a resource you made

If you've made something cool, publish it. And even better, share it by social media too.

3 - Start a subscription

If you aren't an individual subscriber and your school doesn't have an active subscription, then Subscribe Now to show your support. The more subscribers we get the quicker we can make Wordwall better.

4 - Write us a quote or review

We are putting together a collection of quotes and reviews to encourage others to try the product. If you are able to contribute to that then please email us at

So if you love Wordwall as much as we do, or maybe you just think it has great potential, then support us today.

Ben Watson, Technical Director and Co-Founder