1) ______ is the warmest and sunniest time of the year. a) Winter b) Autumn c) Spring d) Summer 2) _____ is the season that comes after winter and before summer. a) Summer b) Spring c) Winter d) Autumn 3) _______ is the coldest time of the year. a) b) c) d) Winter 4) ___________ comes after summer. a) Autumn b) Winter c) Spring d) Summer 5) In Spring, ______ start to bloom. a) leaves b) roots c) seeds d) flowers 6) In Summer, the days are ______ and nights are _____. a) long , short b) tall , tiny c) small , big d) little, huge 7) Winter comes after _____ a) Summer b) Autumn c) Rainy d) Spring 8) Autumn is also called as ____ season. a) dry b) warm c) fall d) cold 9) In summer the temperature is very high which causes ________. a) flood b) snowfall c) drought 10) Winter season is also called as ________ season. a) harvest b) dormant c) rebirth d) fall

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