Duck under the doorway so you don't hit your head. - 5, I will let you out at the door then I will go park the car. - 10, Mom told the toddler to be patient for her turn. - 15, The doctor is going to monitor the patient for signs of infection. - 20, My dad kept me company while I waited at the doctor's office. - 25, The teacher made a strike through the wrong word in the student's sentence. - 30, I got an invitation to save the date in my calendar for the wedding. - 35, The pupil was dilated by the eye doctor so he could check it's health. - 40, The table was steady after we repaired the leg. - 45, When you are learning to drive it takes time to learn how to steer the car. - 50, I like to play pool but I am not very good. - 55, We had to clean the mold off the cabinets before we painted them. - 60, The coach told us to be at practice on time. - 65, I put a lot of season on my steak so it is flavorful. - 70, Bill is going to work late today because he had an early appointment. - 75,

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