1) What will the bear wear to the fair? 2) There is a tear in what he is wearing! 3) Why do you stare at my hair? 4) The pear can be shared with Clare. 5) Sit in the chair and Mom will do your hair. 6) Put a square right there. 7) Is it fair or unfair that they go to the party? 8) Prepare to find the rare, hairless dog. 9) The air is moving the pairs hair. 10) How did you fare at the fair? 11) Do bears scare you? 12) SKIP YOUR TURN 13) CALL ON ANOTHER STUDENT 14) CLAP YOUR HANDS AND THEN ANSWER. 15) There is a glare on the window. 16) Please share the stairs with Mair. 17) The chair is square and rare. 18) Beware. Do not stare at the bear. 19) There was a fuzzy wuzzy bear who had no hair. 20) Your pants show wear and tear. 21) Hey there, come share.

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