1) When I don't know the answer to a question I can a) ask a teacher for help b) rip up my paper and throw it on the ground c) raise my voice and yell in class 2) If I am feeling frustrated in my classroom I can a) make a lot of noise at my desk b) get up and leave the classroom c) raise my hand and ask for a break 3) If I want to get someone's attention at school I can a) talk over the people who are talking b) Push the person I want to talk to c) Wait until my friend is done talking and say excuse me 4) When I loose my turn playing a game I can a) stomp my feet and say it's "no fair" b) take a deep breath or a break c) say mean things to my friends 5) On my way to the bathroom I can a) walk around the school wherever I want b) go quickly to the bathroom, wash hands, and come back c) look in every classroom door on the way 6) When I feeling in the red zone I can a) raise my hand and ask for a break b) refuse to do my work c) disrupt my friends in class 7) When someone says "hi" to me I can a) look at them and say "hi" back b) yell at the person that said hi c) ignore the person who said "hi" 8) When the teacher asks me to do something hard I can a) try it on my own then ask for help b) lay my head on my desk and give up trying c) knock papers and books off my desk 9) When I get an answer wrong I can a) argue and get upset b) take a breath and try again c) push my friends or the teacher if they try to help me 10) If I have a hard time staying focused I can a) ask for a fidget to keep my hands busy while I think b) stare out the window at the birds c) make silly noises to distract the teacher 11) If I am feeling in the yellow zone I can a) ask for a five minute break b) tease other kids in my classroom c) get up out of my desk without asking 12) When I am walking in a line at school I can a) talk loudly in the hallway b) push others who might touch me c) keep and feet to myself and follow the person in front of me 13) When I feel sad when mom drops me off at school I can a) ignore my teachers and walk around the school b) Come inside and draw her a picture c) refuse to get out of the car

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