What’s the difference between a virus, a worm, a Trojan and spyware? , Explain what is a firewall in brief?, Do either one of the Question - a) What is antivirus software?  b) What is antispyware?, What makes a password strong?, How often should you change your password?, Why should I care about reducing my exposure to online marketers?, How do online marketers get my information?, What are cookies (not those one, the online ones), and what do/function they do?, I received an email with an attachment from someone I don’t know. What should I do?, My friend says I shouldn’t forward chain letters? Why not? If No, explain., I'm online and I meet someone my age in a chat room. Is it OKAY to give him or her my address or phone number, so we can get together? Explain!, I have a digital picture of myself and someone I met online wants to see it. Is it OKAY to send it to that person? Explain & What are these people called as?, I'm visiting a site from a company or organization that I've heard of. They want my name and phone number, so I can enter a contest. Should I do it? If not, Why?, I'm in the middle of a chat session and someone says something really mean to my friend. How should I respond & explain why?, I'm online, and I get a message from my Internet service provider asking for my password. They say they need it to fix my account. Should I give it to them? If not, why? What kind of scam is this. Define it., I met someone in a chat room who wants to get together. They live nearby. Can I arrange a meeting?, What is the Internet Privacy Law?, True or false: When you’re on social networking sites, using the site’s default privacy settings is OK ― you don’t need to make them more private? Explain, True or false: Virus protection software is a must for every computer., True or false: It's OK to share your password with your BFF (Best Friend Forever). Also Explain, Name all types of different online scams you know of., If you are in a gaming room and someone that you do not know asks you about personal information (same age as you-or close), what do you do?, A "boy/girl" contacts you through a chat board. He/she is exactly your age, likes the same things as you, likes the same music you do. After a few weeks of chatting, he/she asks you to meet him/her. What do you do?, What should you eliminate from photos that you post online?, What do you do if someone keeps bothering you on-line?, What will you do if you are encountered with an unknown person sending you physical threats & is harassing you?, What should Jack do if he has been sent an e-mail by a person he doesn’t know & is promoting an app as a beta tester for? Should he download it or not? What should he do?, What is plagiarism? Explain with examples. Also, what are the different forms of plagiarism?.

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