1) What is Joy known for? p12 a) telling jokes b) being friendly c) being shy 2) Which joke did the group like best? p12 a) one about a dumptruck. b) one about a rattle. c) one about a yellow bird. 3) Do you think Joy is shy? Why a) yes b) no 4) What type of show does Joy want to have? a) a joke show b) a talent show c) a singing show 5) What would you like to do in a talent show? p13 a) sing b) dance c) play an instrument d) none of the above 6) What was the weather like on the day of the show? p14 a) snowy b) hot c) rainy 7) Where do you think Joy is? p14 a) sleeping b) fishing c) in the rain 8) How did the students let other students know about the show? p14 a) They talked about it and made signs. b) They sent emails through Class Dojo. c) The mailed letters to each person's house. 9) Why was Joy late? a) because of the weather b) she overslept c) she changed her mind 10) Was the show a success? a) yes b) no

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