1) Obligations (amounts owed) are reported on the balance sheet and are referred to as a) Revenue b) credit c) Income d) Liabilities 2) Accounting entries involve a minimum of how many accounts? a) One b) Two c) Three d) four 3) Assets minus liabilities equals a) Capital/Owner Equity b) Income c) Revenue d) Profit margin 4) Profit in a business equals a) Revenues plus costs b) Revenues minus costs c) Marginal revenue minus marginal costs d) Total revenue minus marginal costs 5) Which of the following statements is true a) Direct costs can be traced directly to a particular object of costing b) Indirect costs can be traced directly to a particular object of costing c) Direct costs can NOT be traced directly to a particular object of costing d) Direct and indirect costs are the same 6) Retention is related to a) Staff skills b) Administration c) Staff satisfaction d) Inventory 7) A reason you may lose staff is a) Career path b) Strong leadership c) HR d) transportation 8) Talent management means a) Keeping inventory b) Productivity increase c) Development d) Sales 9) These are part of the Talent Management Process a) Developing; Assessment b) Selecting; Evaluation c) Planning; Strategizing d) Retaining; Transitioning 10) Retirement is a) Leaving work due to health b) Obtaining a year off for medical reasons c) Leaving work after a specific age d) Fleeing work due to financial problems 11) What is ‘Attracting’? a) Giving a big salary b) An orientation program c) Deciding your recruitment source d) Guiding and coaching 12) What is defined as the flow of products and services from suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and customers? a) Supply Chain b) Inventory c) ABC method d) Warehouse 13) is the design and management of processes across organization boundaries with the goal of matching supply and demand in the most cost effective way. a) Supply b) Supply Chain Management c) forcasting d) Demand 14) What are the components of a typical supply chain? a) External suppliers b) Internal functions c) External Distributors d) All of the above 15) How does forecasting contribute to the success of your business? a) the only way to keep your customers satisfied is to guess what they like b) Demand forecasting helps predict product demand c) forecasting guarantee that you will have stock outs d) forecasting provides a direct impact in suppliers' demand and supply 16) What are some befits of inventory management? a) less reliable costumer service b) get higher insurance premiums c) minimizes the profit margin d) decreases the overhead expenses 17) How can you develop a healthy relationship with your employees? a) Developing a strategy based on set objectives b) Focusing on how your team is performing c) Discuss with HR what they can do d) Remind them to honor the leadership 18) Relationships are... a) Political b) Dominant c) Interpersonal d) All of the above 19) Which word best reflects successful relationships? a) Competition b) Integrity c) Deliverable d) Tolerance 20) What does the word 'engagement' represent? a) Listening actively and follow-up b) Listening actively c) Committed to quality d) Commitment to excellence 21) Turn staff dissatisfaction into a) Action plans b) Reports to HR c) Quality assurance d) Opportunities

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