Long term finance - Sources of money for businesses that are borrowed or invested typically for more than a year., Short term finance - Sources of money for businesses that may have to be repaid either immediately or fairly quickly, such as an overdraft, usually within a year., Share - A part ownership in a business; for example a shareholder owning 25 percent of the shares of a business owns a quarter of the business., Personal savings - Money that has been set aside and not spent buy individuals and households., Share capital - The monetary value of a company which belongs to its shareholders; for example if five people each invest £10,000 into a business, the share capital will be £50,000., Shareholders - The owners of a company., Venture capitalist - An individual or company which buys shares in what they hope will be a fast growing company with long-term view of selling the shares at a profit., Loan - Borrowing a sum of money which has be to repaid with interest over a period of time, such as 1-5 years., Security (or collateral) - Assets owned by a business which are used to guarantee repayments of a loan; if the business fails to pay off the loan, the lender can sell what has been offered as security., Mortgage - A loan where property is used as security., Dividend - A share of the profits of a company received by shareholders who own shares., Retained profit - Profit which is kept back in the business and used to pay for investment in the business., Leasing - Renting equipment or premises., Overdraft facility - Borrowing money from a bank by drawing more money than is actually in a current account. Interest is charged on the amount overdrawn.,

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