What is usually shown in people's attitudes to others and is harder to prove? - Indirect discrimination , What is the assumption that certain nationalities behave in a certain way? - Racial discrimination, When men have more rights than women? - Gender discrimination, When people or groups of people are treated differently in comparison to others? - Discrimination, The difference between people? - Diversity, When a heterosexual person judges other types of relationships wrong or abnormal? - Homophobia, Giving someone the ability to do something for themselves? - Empowerment, A system where everyone has the same chance to obtain or achieve something? - Equal opportunity, If someone is rude, hostile or offensive to someone because they are different? - Direct discrimination, Is based on the differences in the work they do and the money they earn? - Class, Is the assumption that young adults are more capable than the old? - Ageism, Maintaining a service users rights to keep information secure - Confidentiality, When service users are given choice these are upheld - Rights, they ensure that service users receive the appropriate care and treatment - Values of Care, They ensure vulnerable service users can express their views - Advocacy services, The cause of discriminatory practice due to uniformed attitudes and beliefs - Basis, Types of abuse - Emotional/psychological, physical, verbal, neglect & sexual abuse,

Equality, Diversity & Rights




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