1) Do you talk to your child in your own language about what you're doing together - when you're playing games, doing shopping, or cooking, etc. 2) Do you have fun with rhymes, poems and songs in your own language? 3) Do you tell your child stories in your own language? Do you encourage them to join in with the storytelling? 4) Do you try to find books written in your first language for your child? Have you tried making your own? 5) Do you encourage your child to play with children who speak the same language as she/he does? 6) Do you help your child feel proud of your language? How? 7) Do you talk to your child about what they did at school in your language? If they use English words, do you repeat what they said using your language? 8) Do you correct what your child says in your first language? 9) Do you laugh or tease your child because of their accent or if they make mistakes? 10) Do you take your child to a Saturday or Sunday school where they can learn your first language?

Raising bilingual children (Adapted from https://wordsforlife.org.uk/activities/chat-your-baby-your-own-language/)




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