Tengo- I have (present tense), Tenía- I used to have (imperfect tense), Soy – I am (present tense)  think of soy sauce, Es- he/she is (present tense), Son – they are (present tense), Era – I was (past tense), Fui – I went or I was (past tense), Voy a ir - I am going to go (inmediate future tense), Voy a ser – I am going to be (inmediate future tense), Voy a tener- I am going to have (inmediate future tense), Preferiría – I would prefer (conditional tense), Me gustaría – I would like to (conditional tense), Sería – I would be (conditional tense), El año pasado –Last year, El año que viene – The coming year, Muy -very, Bastante - quite, Un poco – a bit, Demasiado –too (much), No - no, Nunca -never, A veces -sometimes, Normalmente -normally.

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