1) What component in a circuit does this symbol represent? a) Switch b) Lamp c) Cell d) Ammeter 2) Would electricity flow through a circuit if the component was like this? a) Yes, because the switch in the circuit is open and this allows electricity to flow round the circuit. b) No, because the switch is open and it needs to be closed for electricity to flow through. c) Yes, because any circuit with a switch will let electricity flow through it. 3) In which electrical circuit would the lamp be shining the brightest? a) A b) B c) C 4) Which of the pictures are a conductor? a) b) c) 5) Which of the pictures are an insulator? a) b) c) 6) Does a voltmeter go inside the main circuit or on the outside of a component? a) A voltmeter is included in the main circuit b) A voltmeter goes on the outside of a circuit around a component. 7) What can cause a static charge to occur? a) When two materials rub against each other b) When two materials repel against each other c) When you rub metal against plastic 8) If a balloon has static charge, what would happen if you placed it against the wall? a) It would pop b) It would float down to the floor c) It would stick to the wall in the same position 9) What does this symbol represent in a circuit? a) Voltmeter b) Buzzer c) Switch d) Ammeter 10) What will happen to our circuit if we add more cells and less lamps? a) The lamps will shine brighter b) The lamps will become dimmer c) There will be no change.




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