My name is Ali. I was ____ in Somalia. Somalia is in East Africa. When I was a boy, I lived with my father and mother and my two little brothers. My father ____ me to become a doctor. I wanted to become a footballer. I wanted to go to school, but my father had no money to pay the school fees. There was a war in Somalia and my father ____ a soldier in the army. In 1990 my father was killed. I was very sad. I was only 10 years old. After that my mum ____ me and my two brothers to England. In England I went to school. At first it was difficult but soon I ____ English. I thought about my father and I ____ to become a doctor. I ____ for many years and in 2013 I became a doctor. I was very happy but I was sad my father was not there. Now I want to ____ to Somalia and help the people of Somalia.

12h From Africa to English (from Racing to English)




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