What is aka Field Research?, What is a Customer Profile?, What do we mean by the term Market Segmentation?, Name six ways to segment a market., Why do businesses segment the market?, State six ways of gathering primary research, State 4 ways to gather secondary research., As part of B/Even formula - what do we mean by contribution?, What is a variable cost?, What do we mean by the term Margin of Safety?, What do we mean by the term Fixed Cost?, What do we mean by the term Revenue?, Name 4 lines commonly seen on a breakeven chart., What is meant by the term Cash flow?, What is an extension strategy and give me an example?, Name the 5 stages of the Product Life cycle (not including extension strategy)., What does the term Product differentiation mean?, Function and Aesthetics are part of the Design Mix - which one is missing?, What is the difference between a copyright and a patent?, What do we mean by the term Price Skimming?, Other than offers and sales, provide 3 ways of promoting a product to a customer.?, Which two business structures have unlimited liability: Franchise, Limited company, Sole trader, Limited liability partnership, Public limited company, Partnership?, What is a business angel?, Name the 4 functional areas of a business., Which department is responsible for Quality Assurance?, Which department is responsible for Health and Safety?, Which department ensures that Customers needs and wants are met?, The report that monitors a companies financial performance is prepared by what department?, What is meant by JIT?.

Enterprise & Marketing RO64




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