1) She usually....to school.(walk) a) Walks b) Walking c) Walk d) Is walking 2) Every Sunday we....to see my grandparents.(visit) a) Visit b) Visits c) Is visiting d) Visiting 3) We.... Monopoly at the moment. (play) a) Are playing b) Is playing c) Play d) Plays 4) I... anything at the moment. (no/do) a) Amn't doing b) 'm not doing c) Don't do d) Doing 5) .....the news regularly?(watch/he) a) Does he watch b) Do he watch c) Does he watches d) He watches 6) Brain...30 km every day (cycle) a) Cycles b) Cycling c) Cycle d) Cicling 7) My parents... right now. (shop) a) Is shopping b) Are shopping c) Shopping d) Are shoping 8) The baby...now.(not/sleep) a) Isn't sleep b) Isn't sleeping c) Is slipping d) Aren't sleeping 9) ...computer games every day? (your brother/play) a) Does you brother play b) Does your brother play c) Do your brother play d) Do you play 10) ...dinner at the moment? (he/have) a) Is he having b) Is he haveing c) Are he having d) Are he has 11) The lesson....at eight o'clock. (start) a) Starts b) Starting c) Do start d) Storts 12) My birthday...in September. (be) a) is b) are c) bes d) be 13) I...like bananas. (not/like) a) Don't like b) Dont like c) Doesn't like d) Don't liki 14) They...the answer. (not/know) a) Don't know b) Doesn't know c) Aren't knowing d) Don't knaw 15) Why...now? (she/cry) a) Is she crying b) Is she cring c) Does she cry d) She crying 16) ...you email every day? (send/he) a) Does he send b) Do he send c) Is he sending d) Are he sending 17) Who... dinner tonight? (cook) a) Is cooking b) Cooks c) Are cooking d) Cooking 18) Why.... your homework now?(not/you/do) a) Aren't doing b) Aren't you going c) Aren't you doing d) Are you doing 19) Julie...to work at the moment. (drive) a) Is driving b) Is diving c) Drives d) Is drive 20) Look! I think, she...to the radio.(listen) a) Is listening b) Is listen c) Listens d) Listening 21) She ...chocolate very much. (like) a) Liks b) Likes c) Is like d) Love 22) I... soccer practice on Tuesday.(have) a) Have b) Has c) Am having d) Having 23) I really.... your hair.(like) a) Like b) Liking c) Likes d) Am liking 24) ....on a project in his room right now? (John/work) a) Is John work b) Does John works c) Do John works d) Is John working 25) My dad always....his guitar for hours. (play) a) Play b) Plays c) Playing d) Is play 26) She...ballet three times a week.(do) a) Does b) Do c) Doing d) Daes 27) I....this amazing book at the moment. (read) a) Reading b) Am riding c) Am reading d) Read 28) It's so hot today. I ....ice-cream. (eat) a) Am eating b) Am eattting c) Is eating d) Eat 29) They....for his dad now. (wait) a) Are waiting b) Is waiting c) Are wait d) Waiting 30) Tom ....to the cinema once a week. (go) a) Go b) Goes c) Is going d) Does 31) Slow down! You...too fast! (drive) a) Are driving b) Are drive c) Drive d) Drives 32) I...a public transport when I travel around Europe. (take) a) Take b) Takes c) Am taking d) Takies 33) She...to the hospital again tonight. (go) a) Is going b) Is doing c) Going d) Goes 34) We....to a dancing club tonight. (go) a) Are going b) Are doing c) Is going d) Are go 35) Be quite please! The children....a test. (write) a) Are writing b) Is writing c) Write d) Are written




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