Primary processing - The conversion (changing) of raw food into an ingredient or commodity eg wheat into flour., Secondary processing - Converting (changing) a primary processed food into another product eg flour into bread., Provenance - Where food comes from., Hydroponics - Growing crops in an aquatic (water-based) environment., Organic - Food grown or reared without the use of chemicals., Free range - A farming method where animals roam freely outdoors., Intensive - A farming method that aims to produce as much food as possible., Animal welfare - Factors that affect the well-being of animals eg fresh water, food and shelter., Deer - An example of caught food., Potatoes - An example of grown food., Beef - The meat from a cow., Lamb - An example of reared food from sheep., Red Tractor Logo - An example of an assurance scheme food label., Marine Stewardship Logo - A label showing fish is from sustainable stocks., Seasonal food - A food that grows at a certain time of year in the UK eg strawberries in summer.,




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