Stimulus - A change in the environment that you can respond to, Receptor - The part of the body that detects a change in the environment, Effector - A muscle or gland that brings about the response, Response - The way you react to a stimulus, Gland - Responds by releasing hormones, Muscle - Responds by contracting to move a part of the body, Brain - Coordinates responses that you can control, Spinal cord - Coordinates responses that you have no control over, Neurone - The scientific name for a nerve cell, Synapse - The gap between 2 neurones, Coordinator - Brain or spinal cord that determines the type of response, Senosry - Neurone from the receptor to the brain or spinal cord, Motor - Neurone that passes the impulse to the muscle or gland, Relay - Neurone inside the spinal cord, Reflex - A fast response that you cannot control,

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