Polar bears have broad feet. - This helps them to walk on the snow without sinking into it., Polar bears have hair on the soles of their feet. - This helps them to get a better grip on the ice when they are walking or running., Polar bears are very good swimmers. - This helps them to catch their prey in the water., Polar bears have white fur. - This camouflages them so their prey can’t see them coming., Polar bears have thick fur. - This traps a lot of air which acts as an insulator and helps to keep them warm., Polar bears have a thick layer of fat under their skin. - This stops them losing too much body heat., Polar bears have large sharp teeth. - This helps them to catch their prey and to tear the flesh., Polar bears have oily fur. - This stops their fur getting waterlogged when they are swimming., Polar bears can close their nostrils when they want to. - This stops water going up their noses when they are swimming.,

14i Polar bears (from Racing to English)




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