1) check out a) faint b) look at c) to organise 2) find out a) look at b) leave c) discover 3) go out a) leave b) notice c) to organise 4) hang out a) spend time relaxing b) exercise c) discover 5) keep out a) leave b) have non left c) stop from entering 6) look out a) have non left b) leave c) be careful d) exercise 7) pass out a) stop from entering b) choose c) faint 8) point out a) indicate with your finger b) extinguish c) spend time relaxing 9) pick out a) choose b) spend time relaxing c) extinguish 10) put out a) faint b) extinguish c) leave 11) run out a) to organise b) have non left c) discover 12) sort out a) be careful b) to organise c) faint 13) work out a) look at or find out about something b) exercise c) have non left

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