1) Handwrite your spelling words in 3 different fonts. 2) Write your spelling words in order from least letters to most letters. 3) Create a crossword from your words. 4) Organize your words into categories. 5) List the words you find hard and easy and say why. 6) Choose 5 spelling words and use each in a different sentence. 7) Select 5 words and draw a picture for each one. 8) Write words with missing letters. Child/parent to figure out which letters are missing. 9) Complete a look, say, cover, write, check table for homework. 10) Create an acrostic poem for one of your spelling words. 11) Put your words into a word cloud (search "word cloud maker" on the internet) 12) Choose 5 words that you have trouble with. Write them out 5 times each. 13) Create a word search and swap it with a friend. 14) Use different coloured markers or crayons for each letter to make rainbow words. 15) Hop on one foot as you spell words. 16) Use a dictionary to find the meanings of 6 challenging words. 17) Write a conversation between two people using ten of your spelling words. 18) Organise your words in reverse alphabetical order. 19) Write a spelling word and then write at least two other words made from the letters. 20) Use your spelling words to write a story. Underline your words in red.

Spelling activities (Adapted from: https://cutt.ly/olodeYs)




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