One day I ____ my mum to come to the shops with me. My mum said, “Why do you ____ to go to the shops?” I said, “I want to go and get some sweets.” My mum said, “Yes, I'll come to the shops with you.” I went to put my shoes on. I ____ my mum's shoes. There was a big spider in my mum's shoe. I didn't tell my mum about the spider. My mum put her shoes on and we went to the shops. On the way, there was something tickling in my mum's shoe. My mum ____ her shoe off, but there was nothing in the shoe, because the spider was on her stockings. My mum put her shoe back on but it ____ to tickle her again, so she ____ her foot. The spider ____ in her shoe. My mum took off her shoe and she saw the ____ spider. Then we went home. My mum ____ her feet and we both had tea.

16f Tickling spider (from Racing to English)




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