A long time ago in a small village in Ghana there ____ a man called Kweku. Near the village was a big river. One night some bad people came to the river. They wanted to get some fish from the river. They wanted to sell the fish. They put some poison into the river and many fish ____. The ____ fish ____ to the top of the water and the bad people quickly ____ the fish. The bad people took the fish to the big city and they ____ them. Many people were ill because of the poison in the fish.In the river a turtle ate some of the ____. Kweku went to the river. He saw the turtle by the side of the river. It was ill but it was still alive. He took the turtle to his house and started ____ it. The good food made the turtle ____ and happy. Soon the turtle ____ to the river.

17c Kindness pt1 (from Racing to English)




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