One day, Kweku went to visit his sister on the other side of the river. He started to cross the river in a canoe. While he was in the canoe, it started raining heavily. The canoe ____ to fill with water. When he got to the middle of the river the canoe began to ____. All of a sudden, the turtle ____. “Don’t be afraid, Kweku” it said, “sit on my back. I will ____ you across the river.” So Kweku sat on the back of the turtle and in a short time, the turtle ____ him back to the land. He ____ the turtle for ____ his life, but the turtle said, “You were very kind to me. You ____ me when I was ____. So I am happy that I can help to you now.”

17c Kindness Pt2 (from Racing to English)




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