Read together a little and often - - 5 or 10 minutes every day, if you can., Read together - when you have time and you're not feeling rushed., Read lots of different things together: - stories, rhymes, comics - anything your child is interested in., Point out and read - whatever you see around you: street names, numbers, signs and adverts together., Talk about the story - and what you can see in the pictures together., Ask your child questions - about the story., Ask your child - what they think is going to happen., Discuss - the story together., Read and tell - some stories in your home language., Link the story - to your child's own experiences., Use a sing-song voice - and do different, funny voices if you can., Make reading together time - happy, relaxed and fun., Reading together time is - a special time to snuggle up together.,

Reading to children top tips - Adapted from Family Skills Project Toolkit p63




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