What day did Suzannah go to the dentist? She ____ to the dentist ____ Monday. What time did she go shopping on Sunday? She ____ shopping ____ 12:00. What was the weather like on Tuesday? ____ Tuesday, it ____ sunny. Was her English class at 10am on Friday? No, it ____. It ____ at 11am ____ Friday. When was here doctors appointment? It ____ ____ 4pm ____ Thursday. What did she play on Wednesday? She ____ football ____ Wednesday. Where did she go on Friday night? She ____ to Club Tropicana ____ Friday night. What film did she watch at the cinema? She ____ The Avengers ____ the cinema. Did she do the ironing on Sunday morning? No, she ____. She ____ the washing on Sunday morning. Who did she drink coffee with on Friday? She ____ coffee with Mario. What did she do on Saturday at 1pm? She ____ a picnic ____ Longford Park. Where did she eat dinner on Friday? She ____ dinner ____ Pasta House. What time did she cook dinner on Wednesday? She ____ dinner ____ 6pm. Where did she go for lunch with Alma? She ____ ____ Salford Cafe ____ lunch. What time was her meeting with Chris on Tuesday? It ____ ____ 11:30am.

What did Suzannah do last week?




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