1) I _____________ my friend at the cafe yesterday. a) had b) kept c) met d) sang e) drank f) ate 2) Tom ____________ a birthday party last week. a) had b) took c) met d) bought e) drank f) ate 3) They _______________ many guests to the party. a) organized b) took c) celebrated d) bought e) left f) invited 4) The boys __________________ part in a football competition last month. a) kept b) left c) ate d) drank e) cook f) took 5) Kate _______________ a beautiful dress in the shopping centre yesterday. a) kept b) bought c) ate d) drank e) put f) told 6) Tom ____________ me a funny joke 10 minutes ago. a) bought b) did c) invited d) took e) told f) made 7) Children ________________ a wall newspaper yesterday. a) played b) kept c) left d) drew e) came f) took 8) Pupils ______________ in a school play last week. a) performed b) played c) took d) put e) kept f) drew




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