1) Which of these is an example of primary processing? a) Milling wheat to make flour b) Making margarine from oil. c) Making cakes from flour fat and sugar. d) Making jam from fruit and sugar. 2) Which of these is an example of secondary processing? a) Heat treatment of milk. b) Descaling and gutting fish. c) Peeling, slicing and canning fruit. d) Making pasta from wheat flour. 3) Pectin is needed to make jam set. Which of these have the highest pectin content? a) Potatoes, carrots and swede. b) Apples, blackcurrants and gooseberries. c) Strawberries, pears and bananas. d) Onions, tomatoes and peppers. 4) In order for jam to set, which of the following is needed? a) Salt, vinegar and sugar. b) Pectin, acid and sugar. c) Sugar alkali, lactose and sugar. 5) What is the process of breaking down wheat grain to make flour known as? a) Oxidation b) Condensing c) Extruding d) Milling 6) The process by which milk is forced under pressure through tiny holes to break up the fat is called homogenisation. a) true b) false




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