1) Teach them how to use the toilet on their own. 2) Choose easy to use clothes and shoes for their uniform (Velcro, stretchy waistbands, t-shirts) 3) If you decide on a packed lunch, get a lunchbox that's easy to open. Practise opening packets and pots. 4) Build confidence through your relationship with them. Praise, praise, praise. 5) Make time for one-to-one communication. Talk about feelings. 6) Let them play on their own and with other children. 7) Have simple rules and boundaries at home. 8) Get into the new routine a few weeks before school starts. 9) Go past the school when you're out and chat about what they will do there. 10) Check how long it takes to get there in morning traffic during term time.

Preparing your child for school (Adapted from Get ready for school, Surrey)


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