Last summer I went to Belgium to work in a holiday club., Last year I did an internship in a tourism office in Paris., The job was exhausting, The job was rewarding. , I worked from 9 to 5., I had to work on the weekends., I had to clean rooms and serve breakfast., I had to take care of the family's children. , I had to take reservations and welcome customers., I had to help people plan their trip., My colleagues were not nice and very rude., My colleagues always helped if i need it., My boss was very patient., I had to work at nights. , During the weekends, I had some free time., I visited the region and went on hikes., I got along well with my boss., The area was very touristic., I got a lot of tips., It was a good first work experience., I learned a lot from this experience., I would recommend this experience to everyone. , This experience helped me improve my French., There were a lot of things to see in the area. .

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