1) What Clan is Torak part of? a) Wolf Clan b) Raven Clan c) Doe Clan d) Boar Clan 2) How is Torak's father killed? a) Drowns in the fast-wet b) Hunted by the Raven Clan c) Killed by a bear d) He was old 3) How old was Torak when his mother died? a) She's still alive b) Two c) Ten d) A few days old 4) What does Wolf call Torak? a) Torak b) Man c) Boy d) Tall Tailess 5) What is Renn's brother called? a) Hodor b) Hord c) Henry d) Herbert 6) What job did Fa have before he died? a) Cleaner b) Mage c) Entertainer d) Clan Leader 7) How did Wolf's family die? a) Killed by a bear b) Hunted by the Raven Clan c) Drowned in the fast-wet d) They were old 8) How many things does Torak have to present to the world spirt? a) one b) two c) three d) four 9) How does Torak defeat Renn's brother? a) With steam b) With his cool dance moves c) With a huge sword d) With magic 10) What does Renn call Torak when he runs away? a) Weird b) Cruel c) Stupid d) Coward

Wolf Brother Part 1






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