knock - to hit something hard or bump into it., attached - to be fond of someone., knew - past tense of know., accommodate - to provide someone a place to stay., knowlegde - what someone or everybody knows., knot - to tie or fasten something., know - having something in your mind that you have learned., accompany - to go somewhere with someone., knuckles - joints in your fingers., aggressive - someone who is likely to attack or use violence., knead - to press and stretch it with your hands., according - to do it willingly and without being told to., amateur - someone who does something because they like it, without being paid., knack - a special skill or talent., ancient - very old., apparent - clear and obvious., knit - looping threads using needles., appreciate - enjoy or value something., achieve - to succeed in doing it or getting it., knobbly - something bumpy.,

Year 5 Summer 2 Week 1 Spellings





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