1) What year was Albert Einstein born? a) 1879 b) 1979 c) 1679 2) Gemany has more than.....types of sausage. a) 2000 b) 3000 c) 1000 3) What does Mittwoch mean? a) Wednesday b) Thursday c) Sausages 4) What does Montag mean? a) Monday b) Wednesday c) Thursday 5) How much bigger is Berlin?  a) x8 b) x7 c) x9 6) How many sisters did Einstein have? a) 3 b) 2 c) 1 7) Germany has more than.....castles a) 2100 b) 2200 c) 2300 8) Freitag means... a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Friday 9) When was Fanta invented? a) 1940 b) 1941 c) 1986 10) Name something Germany have invented. a) Fanta b) Gummy Bears c) Cheese 11) Germany has over 400 what? a) Churches b) Parks c) Zoos 12) How many People live in Germany? a) 90 million b) 81 million c) 50 million

What do you know about Germany?





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