acclaimed - attracting public approval and praise, aesthetically pleasing - something people see as beautiful or enjoyable. It includes what we see, hear, touch, taste or smell, atmospheric - creating a special mysterious feeling, authentic - real, true, awe-inspiring - causing you to feel respect or admiration, bold - brave, unusual, strong in colour or shape, contemporary - existing now, controversial - something that people can`t agree on, decorative - both beautiful and productive (furniture, carpets, pottery), distinctive - easy to recognise, eclectic - compilation of many different art styles and forms in one piece of art, emotionally charged - makes you feel a certain way, enigmatic - mysterious, impossible to fully understand , fresh - not done or thought of before, impeccable - absolutely perfect, provoking - making people think, analyze and remember things, visionary - with the ability to understand how something will be in the future,




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