1) What excuse did Howl give to Michael in case anyone came from the king? a) That he was in the toilet. b) That he was away on urgent business. c) That he was sick. 2) How did Howl get rid of the scarecrow? a) By shouting out a strange word. b) By pleading it to go. c) By hitting it. 3) Why did Sophie feel sad when she decided to leave for Upper folding? a) Because she would miss Howl. b) Because she would miss Michael and Calcifer. c) Because she would miss the cleaning. 4) Why did Michael stop Sophie? a) Because he had promised Howl that he would let her rest. b) He had started loving Sophie. c) He did not have anyone to clean the castle. 5) What was the name of the boots in the broom cupboard? a) Ten league boots b) Five league boots c) Seven league boots.

Howl's moving castle ( Pages 108 to 114)





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