1) A factor need for photosynthesis a) Soil b) Carbon dioxide c) Oxygen 2) Which is not a characteristic of animals a) Photosynthesis b) Respiration c) Growth 3) A animal which is depends on plant indirectly a) Cow b) Horse c) Tiger 4) Organisms which are cannot be seen by naked eye a) Animals b) Micro organisms c) Plants 5) What is the main source of energy a) Planets b) Firewoods c) Sun 6) What are the factors needed for vision  a) Light , candle b) Light , eye c) Eye , flame 7) What is the solid state of water a) Water vapour b) Glazier c) Liquid water 8) Unrhythmic sound is known as a) Noise b) Music c) Vibration 9) An object which is attracted toward the magnet a) Copper wire b) Brass nails c) Iron nails 10) The water found in lagoons a) Fresh water b) Brakish water c) Marine water

Grade - 06 Science (N.F.Nuha)




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