1) Which access method used on wired Ethernet LAN's a) CSMA/CD b) Token passing c) CSMA/CA d) scrum 2) What is the maximum cable run using UTP cable a) 85m b) 100m c) 110m d) 185m 3) Some coaxial cable networks make use of  a) Signal splitters b) MAU's c) BNC connectors d) RG45 connectors 4) A private connection between two locations is a) A POTS connection b) AN ISDN line c) A multiplexed line d) A leased line 5) The connection between the street cabinet and a land line phone is known as a) Local loop b) Drop wire c) Patch cable d) Backbone 6) A fast network used between financial trading brokers could be a) LAN b) MAN c) PAN d) WAN 7) A telephone service which is provided in multiples of 64kbit/s channels is a) ADSL b) POTS c) ISDN d) Fibre 8) Orbiting communication satellites are at a distance of a) 25,000km b) 45,000km c) 65,000km d) 75,000km 9) What is the decimal number 176 in binary? a) 10110000 b) 11110001 c) 10100101 d) 11110000 10) What is the binary value for the hexadecimal number 6B? a) 01101010 b) 01101011 c) 01011011 d) 10100110

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