1) He accused me ______ stealing his phone. a) at b) to c) about d) with e) of 2) My friend is addicted ______ playing video games, he stays up all night. a) at b) to c) from d) in e) about 3) In his job he has to deal ______ lots of rude people. a) at b) in c) about d) by e) with 4) The lady is allergic ______ nuts, she has to carry medicine with her. a) by b) at c) to d) from e) with 5) You can always rely _______ me to be on time in the mornings a) in b) on c) with d) to e) about 6) If you don't like the government then you should vote ________ another one! a) to b) by c) with d) for e) about 7) On April Fool's day you often make fun of someone you play a trick ______ . a) on b) to c) with d) at e) about 8) If you keep studying hard you will eventually be fluent _____ English. a) as b) in c) about d) with e) by 9) The man insisted ____ getting a refund after they lost his baggage. a) to b) in c) on d) by e) from 10) It took her two whole weeks to recover fully _______ the illness. a) along b) with c) at d) from e) about




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