soluble - A substance that is soluble will dissolve, insoluble - A substance that is insoluble will not dissolve, solvent - A liquid that substances can dissolve in, solute - The substance that dissolves to form a solution, solution - A mixture of a solute dissolved in a solvent, saturated - A solution where no more solute can dissolve in the solvent, miscible - The ability of a liquid to completely dissolve in another liquid solution, immiscible - When a liquid cannot be mixed with another liquid without separating from it, filtration - The process of passing a mixture through a device - soluble substances pass through the filter as a 'filtrate' but insoluble substances or unwanted material will stay in the filter as a 'residue'., crystallisation - The process in which crystals are formed from a solution being heated, distillation - A separation technique which involves a solution being heated so that the solvent evaporates before being cooled to form a pure liquid., chromatography - A method used to separate mixtures of substances where the most soluble substances travel the furthest up the paper,

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