1) Rosalinda is smiling at me. a) He b) She c) We 2) Fikri is from Kuala Belait. a) He b) They c) It 3) Johan and Khairi are swimming in the river. a) He b) She c) They 4) My cousin and I are going to the beach tomorrow. a) They b) It c) We 5) I found the key under the chair. a) he b) it c) we 6) Where is the boy? a) he b) she c) they 7) The children are so happy. a) We b) They c) She 8) I saw someone under the bed. a) it b) he c) we 9) The old woman is looking for her cat. a) It b) She c) We 10) My sister and I are busy in the kitchen. a) He b) She c) We

Pronouns Exercise for Primary School




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