Testes - Produce sperm, Ovaries - Makes eggs or ova., Scrotum - Protects the testes and provides stable environment for sperm., Epidydimis - Stores sperm., Vas deferens - Transport sperm to the urethra., Seminal vesicle - Makes semen., Prostrate gland - Nourishes and matures sperm., Urethra - Transport semen and urine., Fimbriae - Beat to draw egg inside the oviduct., Oviduct - Transport eggs. Site of Fertilization., Endometrium - Expels during menstruation. Holds developing foetus., Myometrium - Contracts during child birth and menstruation., Cervix - Opens or dilate during parturition or child birth., Vagina - Collects sperm during sexual intercourse., Vulva - Opening through which baby and sperm pass.,

Function of the Male and female reproductive systems




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