1) Which is not a phase of the cycle shown a) Ovulation b) Menstruation c) Luteal d) Follicular e) Implantation 2) The menstrual cycle lasts for a) 28 days b) 21 days c) 14 days d) 16 days 3) Ovulation occurs on day a) 28 b) 16 c) 14 d) 4 4) Which hormone is not involved in the menstrual cycle? a) FSH b) LH c) Oestrogen d) Progesterone e) Thyroxine 5) The follicular phase is directed by the hormone a) LH b) FSH c) Oestrogen d) Adrenaline 6) The Egg is released from the ovary on which day? a) 14 b) 28 c) 16 d) 21 7) The corpus luteum is formed during a) Ovulation b) Follicular phase c) Menstruation d) Luteal phase 8) Menstruation involves a) The release of a mature egg from the ovary. b) The shedding of the uterus lining. c) The formation of the corpus luteum. d) The development of a mature Graafian follicle. 9) Which statement is FALSE concerning the menstrual cycle? a) It continues after menopause. b) It starts at puberty. c) It occurs every 28 days on average. d) It has four phases. 10) Which is NOT a role of Oestrogen? a) It directs ovulation. b) It increases the females sex drive. c) Its level remains peak throughout the cycle. d) Its level is highest at ovulation.




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