Erectile muscles - Allow the penis to erect., Urethra - Tube which transports semen and urine., Vas deferens - Transports sperm to the urethra., Epidydimis - Allows sperm to grow and mature., Testes - Produce sperm or male gamete., Scrotum - Protects testes and provides a stable environment for sperms., Seminal vesicle - Produces semen., Semen - Thick milky fluid which nourishes sperm., Prostrate gland - Nourishes and matures sperm., Penis - Inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse., Bladder - Collects and stores urine., Ureter - Tube which takes urine to the bladder., Cowper's gland - Produces lubricating fluid prior to ejaculation.,

Structure and function of the male reproductive system




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