Contraceptives - The many methods practised to prevent pregnancies., Vasectomy - Cutting and tying the vas deferens of males., Tubal ligation - Cutting and tying the oviduct of females., Rhythm - Having sex through out the safe period of the cycle., Abstinence - No sexual intercourse done., Withdrawal - Removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation., Pills - Oestrogen or progesterone blockers used to prevent ovulation and implantation of an embryo., IUD - Abbreviated for Intra Uterine Device; a coil placed inside the uterus to prevent implantation., Diaphragm cap - a cap placed at the neck of the cervix to prevent the entry of sperms.., Condom - A latex placed over the erected penis or inside the vagina just before sexual intercourse., Sterilization - Removal of ovaries and testes., Spermicides - foam, cream or gel which contains agents to kill sperms.,




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