1) There are lots of trees and leaves. Lions leave here a) desert b) grassland c) tundra d) rainforest e) ocean f) mountain 2) It is cold here. You can see polar here a) rainforest b) grassland c) tundra d) ocean e) waterfall f) river 3) It is a hot place. There is lots of grass here a) rainforest b) grassland c) tundra d) desert e) waterfall f) sea 4) What is he doing? a) He is catching a snake b) He is driving c) He is listening to music d) He is drawing e) He is playing basketball f) He is doing his homework 5) What are they doing? a) They are sleeping b) they are doing the test c) They are crying d) they are running e) They are playing volleyball f) they are doing exercise 6) What are they doing? a) They are playing basketball b) They are jumping everywhere c) They are cooking d) They are throwing a ball e) They are playing instruments f) They are reading some books 7) butterfly a) butterflys b) butterflies c) butterflyes d) buttersfly e) butterfelayas f) butterfeliyes 8) What are they doing? a) Yes, they are b) No, They aren't c) They are swimming d) They are cooking e) They are in the kitchen f) Yes, they do 9) It is not a plant a) leaf b) tree c) flower d) guinea pig e) grass f) bush 10) It is not an animal a) rabbit b) zebra c) sunflower d) tortoise e) turtle f) ant 11) The months which has 31 days a) February b) March c) April d) June e) September f) November 12) Where is Lisa? a) She is in the music room b) She is playing the piano c) She is young d) She is a student e) She is cooking f) She likes English 13) The materials that we can recycle, except (kecuali) ... a) bottle b) paper c) can d) card e) plastic f) mirror




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