1) special a) Silly or funny. b) Better or different from what is usual. c) The same as everything else. 2) facial a) Relating to the face. b) Relating to hands. c) Relating to feet. 3) crucial a) Somewhat important. b) Not important. c) Of great importance. 4) official a) Relating to friendships. b) Relating to an office or position of trust. c) Relating to family. 5) commercial a) Something historical. b) Relating to playing. c) Relating to commerce (buying and selling). 6) artificial a) Man-made (not naturally occurring). b) Found in nature. c) Something that tastes good. 7) partial a) Incomplete (existing only in part). b) Complete. c) A type of knife. 8) essential a) A range of choices. b) Not necessary. c) Absolutely necessary. 9) confidential a) A public announcement. b) Intended to be kept secret. c) A close friend. 10) initial a) Occurring at the end. b) Occurring in the middle. c) Occurring at the beginning.

-cial and -tial definitions game!





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