1) Liza and her friend ( часто) go skating in winter a) sometimes b) never c) often 2) They ( иногда) walk in the park a) always b) never c) sometimes 3) I (никогда) eat sweets in the morning a) sometimes b) never c) always 4) My parents (всегда) have supper in a caffe a) usually b) always c) often 5) We go to school ( утром) a) in the afternoon b) in the morning c) in the evening 6) Mike helps his parents (по выходным) a) every day b) at the weekends c) on Sunday 7) My siste (часто) reads magazines abou fashion a) always b) usually c) often 8) She neve plays computer (днем ) a) in the morning b) in the afternoon c) in the evening 9) We go to a sunny and warm country (каждый год) a) every day b) every year c) every month 10) My sister and I usually visit our grandparents (летом) a) in winter b) in summer c) in autumn 11) Nelly (всегда) puts her key into the box a) usually b) always c) often 12) My dad (никогда) smokes at home a) often b) always c) never 13) They (обычно) get up at 7 o'clock a) sometimes b) often c) usually 14) I have extra English lessons (вечером) a) every evening b) in the evening c) in the afternoon 15) My mom (обычно) cooks breakfast for us a) sometimes b) usually c) often




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